.: a little about me

My name is Gregg Seidl and I have been a ham (amateur radio operator) since July 1981 as KA9LOE. I have also held AA9AO and of course my current call K9KL. I live in small town of Poland, WI which is about 13 miles east of downtown Green Bay.


.: contesting

Yes! I am a contester or at least try to be one. :) For the longest time I loved wornign VHF UHF weak signls on both CW and SSB. I have managed to achieve VUCC on 6m, 2m, 432 and 1296mhz.

.: my towers & antennas

Starting out with the towers. Currently I have 4 towers up 80,70ft Rohn45, and 2 60ft Rohn25. Once my tower projects are finished this summer the new scheme will be 160/80m Rohn25 vertical at 60', 95',80',70' Rohn45 then a short 20' Rohn25 for EME.

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