.: i love contesting

I'm not sure what else to say. Because I'm a dairy farmer I don't get weekends "off" so I get on as much as I can and take a few contest weekends off to play as much as I can.

I really enjoy the Wisconsin QSO Party in March.Most times I operate the WiQP with some buddies. We multi-op,sometimes single transmitter,sometimes multi transsmitter. We always have fun and sometimes we get to add some wallpaper to the shack.We've operated mobile,portable from Forest,Door,Outagamie and Kewaunee counties. ND9Z,KA9BXG,W9BLI,N9BC and K9GB are some of the freinds I've operated with in the WiQP. Lately we've operated from my shack,multi-op,single xmitter. Next March get on and look for either K9KL or our club call W9NEW!!

I'm not sure which is my favorite contest after the WiQP. I love FD because all my ham buddies come over to my shack/home and we have fun,drink some adult beverages and have a huge bonfire Friday nite. Saturday when FD starts though its off to the races as we try to beat last years score .We also like to have a freindly rivalary with our local club,GBM&K. In 2007 we won the 2D catagory!! Most years N9BC,KA9BXG,ND9Z and W9BLI come over and operate....fun fun fun!! The callsign we use is W9NEW. Check out our goofyness on the ARRL webpages and on my webpage.

Another of my favorites is the vhf/uhf contests. I was very active in these in the early to mid 1990's and then got away from them in the early 2000's but now I'm back into them again but only on 6 meters and 2 meters. At one time I had gear and antennas for 6m to 2304,but have decided to just concentrate on 6 and 2 now. I really enjoy operating vhf/uhf and have managed to work VUCC on 6,2,432 and 1296. I have caught some truely great tropo opening,man are those fun! I haven't caught a great 2 meter E-skip opening yet or been on 6 meters with a good station during a solar cycle high. Soon I hope!!

I wish I lived "in the circle" of SMC. They seem to be a great bunch of operators. I hope to be able to operate from one of their stations during SS to help us win again. The BCer's are a Wisconsin group of mainly vhf/uhf contesters and I'm "in the circle" for them so they get my small vhf/uhf scores. I also enjoy almost any contest I can find and always willing to give a few points out. Next time you hear K9KL or W9NEW in a 'test please give us a call!!

Gregg K9KL


.: contesting pics coming soon

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